Since 2008, Ludes has been a campus of Semmelweis in Budapest (Hungary) for its BSc. in Physiotherapy.

Ludes acts as a logistical base and offers services to students on the Semmelweis programme in Lugano.

UCM Foundation HEI

Since 2017, Ludes has been a campus of the UCM Foundation in Malta. Ludes serves as a logistical base and offers services to students on the UCM programmes in Lugano.

Choice Quality Health Center

Choice is a centre specialised in physiotherapeutic rehabilitation and personal health. Authorised and recognised by the competent authorities and health insurance companies, it offers physiotherapy and wellness services in an elegant and welcoming environment. Thanks to cutting-edge methodologies and technologies, health and wellness are integrated to always guarantee personalised therapies that meet the needs of all patients.

Choose Choice for quality in fully balancing your body.

Choice Health Wellness and SPA

Choice Health Wellness Spa is a welcoming and relaxing environment where you can take care of body and soul.

Choice’s holistic approach allows you to have a unique experience and forget daily stresses thanks to a combination of ancient health and beauty practices enhanced by innovative techniques and technologies.

Choice offers a full range of treatments provided by experienced and highly skilled therapists: exclusive treatments and moments of authentic wellbeing.

Science Adventure

Science Adventure is a UCM-affiliated institute, and is a spin-off of QBT SAGL a Swiss company with years of experience in the development of algorithms and calculation software. Science Adventure develops integrated software and hardware systems based on the study of artificial intelligence (AI) with machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) technologies, as well as natural language processing (NLP). These systems can be applied in different sectors, including aerospace, automotive, healthcare and welfare, financial, real estate and the Internet of Things, and also be used to observe and study social behaviour and climate change. These technologies can be used in semantic search engines, automatic indexers and voice recognition, as well as on board drones or satellites.

Furthermore, the systems developed by Science Adventure can be used alone or included in larger projects as a single system component.

Science Adventure develops solutions based on AI, NLP and ML.

Science Adventure has experience in social studies, which it uses in behavioural models applied not only to software but also to studies for social forecasting. Science Adventure also works with hardware tools such as 3D printers, virtual reality and augmented reality devices. In the Science Adventure laboratory, located on the Ludes campus, UCM students are offered the opportunity to gain experience with and use state-of-the-art technology and tools. The laboratory represents a huge asset for students, who can interact directly with the experts and scientists working at or collaborating with Science Adventure. In the first semester of 2019, Science Adventure offered UCM students taking the Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy an elective seminar introducing machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques applied to physiotherapy. The seminar is repeated every semester.

Seminar Themes

Artificial intelligence: general principles and applications in medicine

Prof. Federico Cecconi

Social and legal aspects in the application of AI

Angela Di Iorio

Specific applications of AI in physiotherapy and rehabilitation

Alessandro Barazzetti and Prof. Federico Cecconi

Other Services Sagl is a company that can offer services and logistics as a campus to universities and training institutions that intend to offer their courses in Lugano. The campus and services are also offered to companies, or individuals, interested in containing business costs by using shared services and co-working spaces. The spaces on campus and individual workstations in communal offices are made available to individuals and companies who wish to rent space – by the hour, day, week and month – allowing them to save money and stay on budget. A large and modern campus for suitable for a wide range of activities, from company meetings to training courses and personalised presentations (on request), and for every need (conventions, meetings, conferences and more).

On request, it is also possible to record activities carried out at the campus, including professional HD videos with a static background image or photo shoots.